Survey Services

MECC - HECC Land Surveying is a licensed professional land surveying company based in Kabul. We are equipped to provide many different surveying services throughout the Afghanistan such as topographic survey, GIS survey and mapping as well Other Surveying Services we provide are as follows:

- Topographic Survey
- Cad astral Survey
- GIS Surveying and Mapping Hydro graphical and Underwater Surveys Mining and other Subsurface Surveys GPS observation & Geodetic Capabilities
- Data Processing and computer application
- Network adjustment & Levelling
- Surface and volume survey Civil Construction survey Site Grading
Topographic Survey
Cadastre Services and Solutions
GIS Surveying and Mapping
GIS and its effect on life
GIS as an optimizing tool for planning and decision making
More services provided by MECC - HECC
- GIS service for national planning authorities in urban areas, rural areas, and agriculture, environment, forests, infrastructure, and communication Various GIS analyses for mines.
- Public and business strategy reviews.
- Hardware and software assessments.
- Feasibility analyses.
- GIS for official information of land ownership purposes.

GPS observation & Geodetic Capabilities
Network adjustment & Levelling
Surface and volume survey
Site Grading