Manufacturing Construction Materials

MECC – HECC production and manufacturing unit supplies a wide variety of construction materials and manufactured products to MECC - HECC construction projects, Government and other companies. Manufacturing critical products in-country and, in many cases, on-site, gives MECC - HECC greater control over quality, cost, and product availability.
MECC – HECC production and manufacturing unit now also sells Concrete and Crash in every size, Base course, sub base, aggregate, cement, concrete blocks (CMU) and other products to customers in Kabul, Mazar e Sharif and Logar provinces.

Material Field Testing

MECC - HECC have expertise to test construction materials and finished products on location to determine their quality and suitability for the intended use.
MECC – HECC are trained staffs conduct materials tests using the latest specifications and testing equipment. Among the products we test are concrete, concrete blocks (CMU), steel and other metals, asphalt, and electrical panel boxes and wiring systems.
MECC – HECC Quality control officers work with engineering and construction staff throughout the project execution to ensure that materials and products used meet all required specifications.