Horizontal Structures

MECC - HECC offers its clients our vast expertise in building roads, bridges, parking areas, helipads, aircraft taxiways and aprons. MECC - HECC can enclose and protect building sites of all sizes with walls, fences, and entry-control points. We also have are on internal security for projects. Our engineers design and install water, electrical power distribution systems and wastewater treatment plants.

• Green Field Works (Football Play Ground) MECC - HECC are one of the FIFA and Green Field approved company in Afghanistan.
• Asphalt Paving
• Grading
• Grinding and milling
• Stone Work
• Asphalt Dump Sites

MECC - HECC has vast experience in all types of road construction and paving work, including streets, interstate highways and toll ways amounting to nearly 100 kilometers throughout Afghanistan. Projects also include commercial parking facilities, subdivisions, developments and residential streets, shopping malls, strip malls, property maintenance programs, industrial roads and drives. We pride ourselves in providing our clients the highest in quality by providing seasoned quality project managers. This delivers our clients timely an accurate result. M E C C is a believer in communication and we emphasize this key element from the beginning of the project to the and ensuring the are no language barriers between our clients.