MECC - HECC are Afghan Companies established in 2004 in Kabul. MECC - HECC is member and registered with: Afghanistan Investment Support Agency(AISA) by (MECC license No D-25751) - (HECC License No: L-69010)
Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD) by license No {(120/117) (1391/03/15)}. Member of Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) by Certification No {(OMP-45) (255)}. DUNS No: 850540081, CAGE/NCAGE No: STY43, NAICS CODE: 238290, JCCS ID: 78450 The company has both Afghan and international management, who have travelled the world working for either their respective governments or for multi-national companies. Our company's management team has been in Afghanistan for over 9 years and is very well acquainted with the intricacies of doing business in this country. In addition, our management team and staff are fully up to date on the present security situation all over Afghanistan. Since 2004, we have gained tremendous experience assisting international clients to implement their construction projects in Afghanistan. This experience has allowed us to build the capacity of our Afghan Engineers, Designers, Tradesmen and new university graduates, while at the same time satisfying our clients with high quality finished products.
We import materials from world-famous top quality suppliers in order to ensure that quality is maintained at its premium level. MECC - HECC have the supply chain expertise to ensure your organization receives the most competitive pricing and seamless procurement transactions, from point of origin to final destination; by land, sea or air. To ensure our clients receive the best possible service, our procurement specialists closely monitor local, regional and global markets to ensure the finest quality, at the most competitive prices. The local and regional logistical contacts that we have nurtured while doing business in Afghanistan since 2004 ensures the goods arrive at their final destination with minimum delays. At MECC - HECC, we believe in quick service with an aim towards establishing and maintaining long lasting business relationships with a maximum level of customer satisfaction. Our Main office is located in Qala e Fathullah, Street#03, House #88, Kabul Afghanistan Our sub offices are located in Mazar Sharif, Herat and Logar Provinces.

Our Mission:

MECC aims to provide its clients with the highest standards of services via its qualified and professional employees, whilst at the same time controlling expenditures without affecting quality or quantity, thereby ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our client.

MECC Vision:

Our vision is to become the leading construction company in Afghanistan. Where the benchmark of standards, quality and services is synonymous with the MECC name.

Past Performance

The Projects which are performed by HECC are listed below

1. ANP Vehicle Processing & Service

Contract No: W91B4M-12-C-0013
Description: Afghan National Police (ANP) Vehicle Processing and Storage
Email: KRCCInvDD250.org@swa.army.mil

2. Australia Embassy Fire Alarm System

• Repair of Wakka (Australian Embassy) Compound Fire Alarm System requirement:
Sbeginning 23 Aug 0700 AM off Friday 24 AUG and if needed 25th.

• Repair of Bravo 5 Compound Fire Alarm System requirement
Begin the 26th AUG, 27th AUG

• Installation of Fire Alarm System for Bravo 1 Compound requirement:
Begin 28th AUG, 29th AUG

• Installation of Fire Alarm System for Manuka Compound requirement
Begin 30n Aug, OFF 31 Friday, 1 SEP

• Installation of Fire Alarm System for Hetal Hotel requirement
Begin 2 Sept-15 SEP
Email: Cyril.timko@amec.com

3. Shindand Perimeter Fence and Guard Towers, Afghanistan Site
Solicitation #: W5J9LE-10-R-0068
Description: 16km of Security Fencing, installed 33 Guard Towers
Contact: USACE COR / Peter Debeski
Email: pioti@yahoo.com

4. Camp Tarin Kowt Electrical Install of 3 K-Span Structures & Ground Test
Sub Contract: Sub Contracted under Innovative Technical Solutions Inc. (ITSI)
Description: Installed entire interior electrical in 3 K-Spans to include raceways, devices,
panels, and certified grounding readings on all Buildings on Camp Tarin Kowt, Afg
Contact: Construction Superintendent / Darrel Cauley
Email: dcauley@itsi.com

5. Air Terminal Install on Power Buildings KMTC
Sub Contract: Sub Contract under ECCI / Prime Contract: FA8903-06-D-8511
Description: Installed 13 Air Terminals on 2 buildings f or lightning protection at KMTC ,
Contact: Project Manager / William ( Bill ) Theis Email: wtheis@ecc.net

6. Installation of 5 Generator Shrouds, Power Plant KMTC
Sub Contract: Sub Contract under ECCI / Prime Contract: FA8903-06-D-8511
Description: Installed 5 Weatherproof Generator Shrouds with Heat resistant Fabric at
radiators for Vibration. KMTC, Afghanistan
Contact: Project Manager / William ( Bill ) Theis
Email: wtheis@ecc.net

7. Electrical Installation Project Management CCF Building, Camp Leatherneck
Consulting Contract: Consultant on Electrical Install AMEC / Sub Contract # 768050025
PO: F011900023
Description: Managed all Electrical installs, fielded questions from AMECs PM & CMs, Dealt
with AFCEE Title II on NEC Code violations, and sourced solutions to issues. Rectified
Deficiency List.
Contact: Project Manager / Cyril Timko Email: Cyril.timko@amec.com